Scholarship Fund

Dear Friend,

At Brightest Star we want every worthy student who desires to work hard and grow in the performing arts to be able to take classes at our school. Sometimes, young people come to us unable to pay. 

In order to assist, we have The Brightest Star School of Performing Arts Scholarship Fund. We ask anyone affiliated with our school to donate (any amount will help) to this fund. Last year, through your generosity, we were able to accept 8 students to Summer Musical Theatre who would not have been able to participate, otherwise. These were gifted, wonderful kids who now have some performing arts education! And they certainly had a wonderful summer!

This year’s tuition is $995 for Performing Arts Sleep Away Camp.
Will you consider making a generous donation to cover the costs of one child?
Perhaps your budget will not allow this. Then please consider any size donation. This is an opportunity to have 100% of your money go directly toward tuition - absolutely no administrative costs! Thanks so much for helping our kids.

Beth Vecchio
Director of School

21 Cutler Street, Morristown, NJ (The Red Oaks School)

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